Welcome To DA Dollarz!


Dark Anomaly introduces you to ‘DA Dollarz’.  DA Dollarz is simply a digital wallet, or credit bank, for future purchases.  You can place a deposit via one of our payment gateways, the dollar amount will be credited to your Dark Anomaly account, and you can use the pre-paid money credit towards any future purchases.  The money credited to your account can be applied to images or subscriptions that you decide to purchase in the future.  

One time funding will speed up your checkout process without having to re-input your credit card or PayPal information for each transaction.  When purchasing images or subscriptions with your DA Dollarz, at checkout, under Select Payment Method, choose pay with My DA Dollarz Wallet! Your credit will be applied to your order.  It’s a simple, discrete and convenient option to use, if you choose to. As a bonus, when you use the DA Dollarz balance in your wallet, you will receive an additional 20% off your purchases.

No member is required to use DA Dollarz to purchase images or subscriptions from the site.  You may use our traditional form of payments if you prefer.


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